Friday, January 20, 2012


Like other European artists of the past, this Slovenian producer was heavily influenced by American music early on, taking in everything from Funk and Jazz to Soul and Blues. "Good music is felt, not heard", that's the motto of GRAMATIK. With over 80,000 tracks sold on the influential electronic music site in the past 2 years, topping all kinds of genre charts, Hramatik has matured from a curious kid attracted by soundscapes, to a world-class producer. Gramatik's muic quickly gained stream after he first began posting it online in 2008 and earned him nominations for "Best Chill Out Artist" and "Best Chill Out Tracks" at the 2010 Beatport Music Awards and taking 2nd place in both categories. Gramatik is well known in the electronic and hip hop scene.

Gramatik - Damage Intended (Original Mix)

Gramatik - Defying Gravity (Original Mix)

Gramatik - Muy Tranquilo (Original Mix)

Gramatik - Dungeon Sound (Original Mix)

Gramatik - Dungeon Sound (Original Mix)

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